Senior Citizens Party

We invite over 120 senior citizens to our Annual Christmas. We have compiled our mailing list over several years through the help of Elizabeth House and the local churches. We would always love to hear from anybody who would like to be invited.

This year over 60 people attended the party. The Cherry Pickers pride themselves on ensuring that anybody who would like to come attends the party. This year we provided a free taxi service to over 30 guests. I think pride of place this year went to a gentleman who declared himself to be 99 years old and estimate the ages start from a spritely early 70’s.

Our afternoon tea guests, as well as being given a meal, are entertained by local talented people and Father Christmas makes a special guest early December appearance to give every guest a present to take home.

We thank Homesense , Cowdery Butchers, Country Stores, Handmade Cake Company and Copas Turkeys for their generosity in providing food and prizes